If you’re looking for more self adventure magic, we’ve created The Self Adventure Podcast to capture comfy conversations that foster curiosity, kindness & a sense of belonging, now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc.
Welcome to The Self Adventure Podcast!
The Self Adventure is about discovering rituals, tools and experiences that encourage self reflection, self care and self kindness.  It is about curiosity, courage and exploration.
The Self Adventure is about everything you've ever done to learn about yourself, to feel good, to feel joy and to have more compassion and understanding of yourself and others.  This podcast is about capturing comfy conversations that foster curiosity, kindness and a sense of belonging.  Hopefully there'll be gentle light bulb moments or moments of deep resonance. 
The nature of this podcast is not to make you feel like you always need to be in self improvement mode. You are already enough, just as you are.
This podcast was produced on Kaurna Country by writer, maker & podcast producer, Sarah Harney.